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Lake Champlain Bikeways:
Vermont's Millennium Legacy Trail

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater announced on October 21, 1999, at a White House ceremony, 50 Millennium Legacy Trails representing 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. As one of three trails nominated by Governor Howard Dean, Lake Champlain Bikeways received this designation on behalf of the state of Vermont.

"Millennium Trails is a national initiative to create, enhance and celebrate more than 2000 trails as part of America's legacy for the new millennium," the First Lady said. "These 50 Millennium Legacy Trails symbolize the spirit of our efforts to connect our nation's culture, heritage and communities."

Transportation Secretary Slater said, "The designation of the Millennium Legacy Trails is a significant step toward the goal of establishing a nationwide network of trails. These trails represent the diversity of America, including long distance trails, rail and water trails, greenway systems and historical and cultural trails. Millennium Legacy Trails reflect the essence and spirit of the states they represent."

It was a great honor for Lake Champlain Bikeways to receive the designation for the state of Vermont. At the ceremony, National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Bill Ivey announced that the NEA has joined the Millennium Trails partnership by contributing $520,000 to support community-centered art projects linked with Millennium Legacy Trails. Each Legacy Trail, including Lake Champlain Bikeways, will receive a little over $10,000. The art projects will be carried out in partnership with the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies.

Other benefits Millennium Legacy Trails designation will bring to Lake Champlain Bikeways include:

  1. a Millennium Trails marker bearing the White House Millennium Council logo which will identify Lake Champlain Bikeways as part of the national millennium celebration;

  2. inclusion of a Lake Champlain Bikeways map and description in the new National Trails database and on the Millennium Trails website;

  3. honored at recognition events and invited to participate in a national event on National Trails Day 2000;

  4. enhanced media visibility and;

  5. to be a candidate for special partnerships and funding opportunities which may develop as part of Millennium Trails.

For more information on the Millennium Trails program, contact the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy at 1-877-MIL-TRLS or

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